Exploring the physics of stratified convection

I am a graduate student at CU Boulder working with Ben Brown. We are interested in the fundamental properties of stratified convection, which is an important mechanism for heat transport in many astrophysical bodies including planets and stars. We aim to apply and extend the tools used in describing non-stratified Rayleigh-Benard convection in order to develop a well-structured theory of how convection behaves at extreme parameters.

Recent Work

I study convection moslty in the context of polytropically stratified atmospheres. These atmospheres can be easily adjusted to analyze the rarely studied low Mach number regime as well as the highly driven, low-diffusivity regime of high Rayleigh numbers. We are currently working to publish a paper on how to control the degree of rotational constraint when these atmospheres are influenced by rotation.

In addition to studying convection, I am currently working on a small project with Daniel Lecoanet and Ben Brown to determine the nature of entrainment of cold thermals in stratified atmospheres -- More to come soon!


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