AI Research

I recently realized that AI is going to transform the way that we live and work. I want to be a part of a team that makes sure our transition into the AI era goes well! So I'm starting research on AI safety, specifically doing some small Mechanistic Interpretability projects. Check out my blog to see what I've been working on recently:

Astrophysics Research

I am a postdoctoral scholar at UCSB's KITP institute. I previously worked on astrophysical fluid dynamics. I broke down questions from astrophysical observations into simple fluid dynamical experiments to learn more about dynamics in the Sun and other stars. Some movies of my work are available online on my vimeo page; a select few are below.

Recent Project 1: Surface Manifestation of Gravity Waves

I recently studied the surface manifestation of gravity waves generated by core convection in massive stars. Convection at the core of a massive star hits the surrounding stable region like a drum, launching waves. These waves may be observable at the stellar surface, and could be used to tell us about the properties of the inside of the star. See below for a video of some simulations of the insides of a 15 solar mass star.

Recent Project 2: Convective Boundaries & Penetrative Convection

Observations suggest that theoretical models underestimate the amount of mixing near the boundaries of convection zones in stars. I recently discovered that a process called "penetrative convection" might be responsible for this discrepancy. A video of a simulation of this process (between the solid black line and dashed line) is shown below.

Recent Project 3: Convective Boundary Evolution

I worked to verify the validity of prescriptions for treating the evolution of convective boundaries in 1D stellar evolution models using 3D hydrodynamical simulations. Below is a movie of the evolution of a convective boundary. The orange "Ledoux" boundary roughly determines the maximum height where vigorous convection is present, but over time convection mixes low-density (purple) fluid into the convective region. This mixing expands the convection zone, until the size of the zone is determined by the the purple "Schwarzschild" boundary.

Fun Stuff

Sometimes I studied Moosive stars.

Publications (updated September 2023)

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